Freddie and Sebbie Unveils Backseat Organizer First Year Anniversary Event On Amazon

Over 200 Amazon validated clients have backed the efficiency of this accessory. In one of the first product reviews for the Freddie and Sebbie backseat organizer, Don Blankenship says: "I must admit that I am not truly known for my organization abilities or for my neat cars. That being said, I do like to be able to actually find things in my truck, when I need them, so I need to state that this back seat organizer is one of the most helpful items I have actually ever used in my car and truck. It is incredibly well made, can be set up instantly, and has enough pockets and such to deal with practically any of the little things I haul around. Not only is this thing well made, but it also looks quite good, and for me it has become exceptionally functional."

Freddie and Sebbie Vehicle Backseat Organizer

Amazon confirmed customer, Brenda Spiker, says in her 5 star comment that there are not any excuses for a messy vehicle ever again! She adds... "I purchased this organizer for the rear of my Camaro in order to organize all the "valuable stuff" the grand-kids cannot leave the house without. It is within simple reach of my granddaughter's vehicle safety seat, and today it is housing her "play mobile phone," princess coloring book, colors, jewelery, and there is still lots of space for more goodies! My only fear was that I would not be able to reach behind it to release the seat to allow anyone into the back seat, but there is plenty of room to fit my hand behind it. Yea, Freddie and Sebbie! I adore your high-quality, good looking organizers, and specifically the life-time guarantees!"

The representative for the company additionally stated that they now have an adult version, which is forward looking for easier motorist access. Neil added... "It's practically been a year now since we launched the backseat organizer, and we are so grateful to all our clients, who have been kind enough to leave such outstanding feedback. We have paid attention to your requests, and have just recently introduced the Freddie and Sebbie adult version car organizer on Amazon, which has actually already gotten over 50 Amazon evaluations, so thanks again for telling us just how much you like our car seat storage and protection accessories."

Lastly, Hillary, from MD, U.S.A, states in her 5 star review: "Best backseat organizer we have had to date (we have actually tried 2 others). Although smaller than others we have purchased, I really like the strap that fixes this to the seat, as it stops the organizer from flapping and bouncing around. Having the organizer strapped to the seat at two points makes it easier for travelers to get in and out of the car. We have a town and country, and individuals need to squeeze past my son's child seat and the organizer to get to the back seats of the car, and previous backseat organizers used to get in the way of people attempting to do this."

Anthony Bracco has said that it's a great item to keep the back of your seats clean in his 5 star review. Freddie and Sebbie spokesman, Neil Speight, described that in some cases the backseat organizer can act as kick mats too. He added... "The product is positioned over the headrest, rear facing, so it covers a large part of the seat backs. The majority of kids have the tendency to stretch their legs while sat in the back, however with the vehicle organizer also having the function of kick mats, you won't ever get shoe scuff marks on the backs of seats any longer." In another 5 star evaluation, Amazon client, Paul R. Lagasse Jr, says good quality tackle has actually been used. He says... "Functions extremely well for my daughter on her commute to school."

Neil Speight, The Freddie and Sebbie business spokesman said... "We launched the backseat organizer on Amazon just over a year earlier, with it being specifically adapted for the ipad and tablets, and for that reason among the first of its kind to have bigger size pockets. The success of this product had actually been made complete by receiving a lot of beneficial reviews from American parents. Some have actually also commented that it would be much better for them in the front seat for easier accessibility, so we are currently making the necessary changes to produce a front-seat organizer, which will be available on Amazon in the coming weeks."

With the introduction of the ipad and tablets, it would appear that the majority of vehicle backseat organizers are simply too little now, or the pockets just no longer fit the ticket, but there is one automobile backseat organizer sold on Amazon that has received complete backing from US moms and dads. The Freddie & Sebbie backseat organizer has received a total amount of 88 beneficial scores, 68 of which are leading 5 star rated evaluations, and has all pertinent questions about the product being successfully responded to by confirmed Amazon clients.

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