Co-creating the world around you

I view openness to receiving as another prerequisite to beginning the process of conscious attraction. After all, you you need to be able to uninhibitedly receive the circumstances, events and experiences the cosmos manifests for to you. The Great Mystery is not inconsistent and won't produce anything unless the preconditions which apply to any or all Laws of Manifestation are met. Wanting to receive the objects of manifestation that the universe is able to release for you suggests that your belief is firm and strong, so that mysteries can begin to take place. You may agree that the leading reason creation does not operate as expected is because individuals do not truly feel it is possible for them to receive.

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In every situation like this, the subconscious really functions best when it has a set of instructions rather like a computer; your capacity to co-create change has no ability of any kind without a functional set of operating instructions. To make it clear, your computer program is often your desired outcome. When there's no such program, nothing of any value may manifest in a new way.

As you may have noticed, when you're trying to manifest a new physical reality, or to manifest a desired outcome, as set out in the recent work The Secret, there are various antecedents which must always be respected.

Sometimes people want to know it works. But I can only say, how this energy can ameliorate events in the world is not really known, but must be a quantum phenomenon. The sad truth is, it's beyond us. Some things are in the realm of the divineā€¦this being one of them! Even so, we do know that matter and energy are one and the same.

The synchronicities by which this force is able to ameliorate things and thoughts is still a mystery. To be frank, who knows?

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But a large number of us look for more understanding. Can we accept, as an explanation for manifestation, some science? To be exact - that matter and energy are the same thing. We now know that the energy of atoms and the physical structure of atoms are, at the root of existence, only a matter of perception. The best minds agree our subconscious thoughts can unconsciously shape material things.

This is often regarded as an essential element of manifestation. And, you may ask, what does expectancy actually mean? Well, to me it implies the exact same quality as hope that is so strong it is unquestionable. Quite simply, expectancy is about reaching a state of anticipation - expecting the universe to create your goal. It's not just aspiring, but a state of being certain that your goal will come into being. It's a form of belief, but there's a important core essence more subtle than belief. Think on this: you are certainly aware that you might win any and every lottery on the face of the planet (provided you buy a ticket!), but you most likely do not expect to win a million or more, although you believe that some very happy man or woman wins a major jackpot every week.

Regardless of what has been said by people with some secret agenda, enlightened people live every day with our spirituality.

I am sure of the reality of creation and manifestation. And that's fine: scepticism is normal for beginners in this field. There are indeed times when your doubts and concerns are intelligent and protective as a natural human - and personal - response. And my invitation is to challenge yourself; none of us should cast doubts upon our wonderful capacity for manifestation and the universal Law of Creation.

Many men and women begin with the objective of generating financial riches. After days visualizing their bank account brimming with money, they slacken off since they have not succeeded. There's a very easy test which anyone can do to analyze the strength of your belief. Supposing, you wanted to have a million bucks? Whether you consider this is a genuine opening for you is controlled by a number of issues. For most people, the problematic aspect is how this may happen. Standing back a bit, you clearly understand that is a powerful issue in creation. But should you go past that, it's possible to think you could acquire such riches without presently grasping the way that it is to be reached.

Regardless of what has been said by people with some secret agenda, most people honor and respect these amazing skills which both connectors to the divine and separate humanity from each other.

I need to make it clear the essential nature of passionately held desire for manifestation of change in some area of life, injecting hope for your own betterment.

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