Causes and Prevention for Toe Nail Fungus

If you do not do something about your nail fungus infection in the beginning stages, you're setting yourself up for problems later on. The infection is much harder to remove if it's been around a while. You need to start toenail fungus removal steps right away before your only option is a doctor or mecical professional. Your recovery time will be prolonged the more time you wait to treat it.

You certainly want to prevent getting a fungal infection of the skin, like ringworm or athlete's foot due to the fact that it's the same bacteria that leads to nail fungal infections. So when cleaning your feet, make sure you completely wash and dry the areas in between the toes.

This dark, damp environment is a favorite for fungi. If you do contract a skin fungal infection treat it right away so it does not infect the nails.

A few words on laser surgery. This can rapidly eliminate the infected nail, nevertheless there is no scientific evidence yet that the infection will be removed permanently. So it's still sort of dangerous. Given that, and the fact that a single treatment could cost approximately $1500, you may prefer to use this technique as a last option. You are much better off attempting an over the counter item, even an oral prescription first.

Giving your feet loads of air is the very best thing you can do for them. So when you're relaxing in your home, take off the socks and shoes and let your feet breathe. Great hygienics can also be exercised on your shoes. Let your shoes dry out in the evening and whether you can, place them outdoors in the sun. This will not simply dry them out, but assistance in eliminating any germs and bacteria that have settled in. Switching your shoes day-after-day is another excellent way to make sure they dry out and become an environment that fungi hate.

Home treatments and over the counter nail fungus remedies are not recommended for individuals with diabetic issues. This condition requires the fastest and safest treatment available. People with diabetes are inclined to getting complications from nail fungus infections. Finding a physician's treatment is the suggested strategy.

You are more susceptible to getting a nail fungus infection if you have poor circulation or are elderly. When you have poor circulation the blood does not reach the extremeties efficiently, and therefore cannot detect or combat an infection. Here's a good reference for older people on what to look out for if you get a toenail fungal infection. Toenail Fungus - Senior Health Advice from

So, if you should get a nail fungus infection you have to stay clear of using any kind of nail polish or acrylic nails. This will simply intensify the issue. The glue used to use the fake nails is not good for a healthy nail and is even a whole lot worse for an infected nail. Nail polish just seals in the infection. It's ok to wear it once in a while, but not constantly.

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