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Andy states that unhappiness can be literally turned off as quickly as it appeared in the first place, nevertheless, a couple of mental obstacles do exist that need to be eliminated before anything will change with ease. He discusses the primary obstacle as the notion... "I wanna be happy, I have actually constantly wanted to be happy, and if I could decide to be happy, then don't you believe I would be. Simply put you just do not believe you really can, nevertheless, you truly can. It's only about comprehending how your mind works, so you have the ability to manage your own thoughts. When we recognize that we are the one regulating our thoughts, we can in fact begin to manage them. This is when we begin to feel the unhappiness approaching, as we just permit the negative thoughts to come in, we observe them, and then it comes over you as a Tsunami would."

A Bug Free Mind asserts to have the answer to alter a life for the better, and in a current video published on Youtube, best selling author Andy Shaw has actually provided a peek into someone's future, revealing a particular path to riches, a path he says that his international students from over 110 countries are currently on. . During the podcast Andy says... "Don't ask yourself for the price you would place on the value of the life you have right now, as a better question would be, what value would you place on the life you truly wish to have. Simply ask yourself one single question. If you in fact live for the next twenty years, would you be any more forward than you are right now, or would you still have the exact same life as you do today, feeling dissatisfied, just searching for the next glossy object, and never actually getting any genuine changes."

Andy additionally quotes Albert Einstein, who stated..."The definition of madness is doing the exact same thing over and over again, and anticipating different results." Andy includes... "Yet, this is exactly what 99.999 % of the population in fact do. Everyone who is not living the life that they truly want is mainly unconscious, which does not imply that you are lying on a hospital bed in a coma. It simply means that you are not in charge of your life. You are simply following the direction of your conscious mind or your very own self-ego. Simply put you have the autopilot setting switched on, however have actually forgot to set the destination. You are in a regular routine or viscous cycle, and unless this cycle is broken, then nothing will ever be different."

Elizabeth states that she has been studying individual development practically all her life, though more recently has started to find the world of internet marketing. She begins by saying how shocked she was when she discovered that the personal development niche only produces a 1% success rate, which she felt was just incredibly disheartening.

The author of A Bug Free Mind continues to discuss how the Saltori system has actually assisted countless fans start rationalizing in a different way. He adds... "As you observe such ideas without judgment, you need to rob them of their power, so simply prompt yourself that 'feeling unhappy' is simply not helping you to get where you prefer to go. Once you have robbed them of their power, and you have kept in mind that they are not helping you, then ideas of unhappiness and being miserable simply liquefy. It sounds too great to be real, I know, nevertheless, often the simplest of remedies is not found on the outside, but on the inside. I am not saying that I do not get unhappy as that would be a lie. It is just as soon as I know that I am not happy (which is pretty fast), I just observe my thought patterns, and know that they are not helping me, due to the fact that no thought stands still. It either harms or assists, and when this happens, I am released from the unhappiness instantly, because it has actually been instantly transmuted into happiness. Why, since how can you not be happy at being able to turn off unhappiness?"

According to Andy Shaw, happiness is just a choice, though accepting to be unhappy is simply another option. In a bug free mind video recently released on Youtube, he says that all that is needed to be done is to decide to be happy, which is really the answer people are looking for. Andy is quoted saying... "Nevertheless, right now it'll most likely be pretty difficult to accept it for what it is. The whole world's dreaming 'I wanna be happy,' however what people do not understand is they are able to decide to be happy at any point in time, so why wait?"

The road to becoming economically free has a precise starting point, according to Andy, who states... "Everybody who is not living the life they prefer, is primarily unconscious, and always in a "waking" sleep, simply doing the regular routine that has actually become their life." He discusses that the first step to take for taking control of our life is to recognize that we are operating on auto-pilot, almost all day, every day, and that we are not in control of our lives, it's time to reclaim control over our life once more, though he does confess that it's fairly scarey stuff.

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The axed worldwide real estate magnate didn't waste time returning into the business world, and has recently been acknowledged by people from over 110 individual countries for his contribution to the success mindset sector. According to Andy, his "Bug Free Mind Process" is laid out in two parts called "Creating A Bug Free Mind," and "Using A Bug Free Mind," and both developed to be the most efficient work ever produced on self improvement. He added: "Too many books have actually been put together on personal development with too few results. The purpose of this system is to put a usable process into the hands of lots of people, and to provide them with the tools they need to provide the life they desire. Currently countless individuals have begun using The Bug Free Process to alter their lives, and they all began by reading the first 5 chapters, which are freely available on the web site."

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